Red Room has cure for your case of the Mondays

Relief for your inevitable case of the Mondays this month can be found at the Red Room. The Kennewick venue has two quality shows coming up that are not to miss. On Jan. 19 David Bazan and Lions & Eagles will play, then on Jan. 26 The Fruit Bats along with Sera Cahoone and Yarn Owl are scheduled to appear.

Bazan, a Seattle singer-songwriter who used to front the beloved indie rock band Pedro the Lion retired the name a few years ago to focus on his own material. He has a great voice and as for his songs he was named one of the Top 100 Living Songwriters in Paste magazine.

And Paste has great taste. If you don't subscribe, you should. It’s worth it alone for the CD compilation they give with each issue. Yeah, I just plugged something. If a band can credit its Gibson guitars, why can't I credit my tools?

Seriously though, go see Bazan.

The following week Seattle's Fruit Bats will bring along fellow Seattle singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone for a show. The Fruit Bats (though I've only heard 2005's "Spelled in Bones") play absolutely great sunny indie pop songs, but I'm far more excited about Cahoone.

Her occasional drumming for Seattle darlings Band of Horses is only a small part of her appeal. "Only as the Day is Long," her most recent album takes you on somber and melancholic ride but doesn't weigh you down. She's like the second coming of Neko Case, with biting lyrical ability and a voice that you can't get out of your head.