Obama or not, it's business as usual at Guantanamo

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba -- Saturday Night Live's savage spoof on Guantánamo's going-out-of-business sale may have circled the globe this weekend on the blogosphere.

But it was taboo Sunday for troopers plugged in at work, blocked from military computers because of filtering of the Web at this remote base in southeast Cuba.

''Hoods! Blindfolds! Shackles! Chains! Dog bowls for people!'' declares a mock CIA field officer, announcing the Jan. 20 sale of detention center paraphernalia. ``If it's used to humanely detain or interrogate prisoners, we've got it! We're passing the savings on to you.''

President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to empty the prison camps to help restore U.S. standing internationally.

But there was little evidence here this weekend as the Pentagon brought lawyers, former interrogators, judges, observers and two dozen members of media for a docketed monthlong session of President Bush's war court, the military commissions.

Monday brings two simultaneous hearings.

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