Yoga for surfers

Peggy Hall's recommended positions:

Hold poses for 3-5 breaths; modify as necessary to avoid force or strain.

Balancing down dog - stretches the shoulders, back and legs; strengthens the upper body; improves balance and mental focus.

Start on hands and knees with hands shoulder-width apart; fingers spread wide.

Curl toes under, lift hips; press shoulders away from hands and reach heels toward the floor; firm your thighs and keep your back straight.

Lift right leg as high as possible; keep it lifted and reach left arm behind you, resting back of hand on low back.

Breathe, relax, focus and enjoy.

Repeat on other side.

Forearm plank pose - strengthens core muscles of the abdomen and back for more endurance; faster pop-ups on the board.

From a kneeling position, place forearms on the ground with elbows lining up under shoulders; interlace fingers.

Curl toes under and lift knees, bringing body into one straight line.

Engage abs, breathe and focus for one minute.

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