Beauty in the books

Beauty books are booming: They're among the most popular publications in stores and online. That said, here are two more how-to manuals for your summer bookshelf:

- "101 Beauty Tips: The Modern Woman's Complete Guide to Looking and Feeling Great" (Firefly Books Ltd., $19.95, 192 pages): Author Jane Cunningham pulls no punches, saying upfront that, "there is no wonder cream that will cure you of tiredness, stress or obesity." Not to worry. Her tips book approaches beauty more from a well-being standpoint, i.e., mind and body working together, from thoroughly rinsing shampoo from your hair to how diet and drinking water affect your overall health. The tips are simple, easy to follow and -- especially important -- inexpensive.

- "The 5-Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman" (HarperCollins, $19.95, 224 pages): This book has a built-in fan base because it was written by Carmindy, makeup artist for the Learning Channel's hit show "What Not To Wear." Her book is perfect for someone who's not looking to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror trying to apply makeup. It's very step-by-step. There's even a shopping guide with products for those on a beauty budget and others who like to mix high-end labels with drugstore brands.