Real couple gripes

So some of your mate's hidden habits surprised you after the "I dos"? Don't worry -- it's not just you.

Life after the wedding can be a little jolting, especially if as you settle in, your spouse's quirks come out. If you can't get enough of how he massages your feet but hate the fact that he clips his nails in bed, you're not alone. Here, Nest members tell us the habits they could live without!


"My husband thinks he is so handy. I'll never forget one time when he mowed the lawn and left our beautiful, plush grass looking like Stevie Wonder had cut it. As if that wasn't bad enough, he wanted to be appreciated for all his hard work. And he was serious!"

- Robin

TIP: Praise his work or you'll never get him to mow the lawn again!



"My husband and I haven't gotten into a good routine yet for going through our mail. So it builds up, and then he'll say, 'We really need to go through the mail.' What this really translates to is 'You really need to go through the mail.' He does this 'we' thing with other stuff like doing the dishes, laundry, etc. But 'we' only includes me!"

- Susan

TIP: Make a joke out of the situation so that your point is clear but doesn't start a crazy fight. Try saying something like, "How come 'we' ends up being me? I'm onto your system. But I'll do the mail if you do the dishes -- and then we'll really get something done." Then fill out a chore chart, and make sure mail gets assigned to one of you.



"My wife's most annoying habit is that she's a picker -- she picks her nails, her nail polish, her cuticles. I'm always finding her polish chips on the bottom of the passenger seat of our car."

- Eric

TIP: Hold her hand every time you catch her picking. Or invest in a Dustbuster.



"My husband can't keep a secret to save his life. He has no sense of holding some things back. For instance, I shared something personal and private about a friend with him, and, naturally, the next time we see her, he blurts it out right in front of her. He'll say, 'Yeah, she told me that.' I don't know if he forgets, isn't listening, or just doesn't care."

- Marjorie

TIP: If you're going to keep sharing, then make a mental note to remind him what he can't say when you meet up with friends.


"My husband is a huge procrastinator. He has been saying that he is going to clean out the garage since we moved into our house -- and that was more than a year ago! I admit that he has cleaned up some of it, but at this rate it won't be completely done until we move again."

- Carol

TIP: Go over your calendars together and schedule all honey-dos -- yours and his. And make sure he knows you'll keep him company while he cleans. You might even lend a hand or two.



"My mate watches TV shows that drive her crazy. She spends the whole hour critiquing everything from the writing to the camera work to the acting and even the actors' personal lives. And she wants me to care and be incensed too. I don't get why she doesn't just change the channel."

- David

TIP: Change the channel for her. Or turn off the TV.



"My husband clips his fingernails and toenails on the couch and puts the waste in whatever empty cup he was drinking from. It makes getting refills a very dangerous activity!"

- Leah

TIP: Watch -- and wash -- all drinking devices!