Commentary: Castro faces challenges with Obama's win

The Obama conundrum threatens the Castro brothers' dysfunctional dynasty. Democracy and capitalism, the duo's argument goes, is only good for the white and the comfortable preying on the black and poor.

Then this son of a black Kenyan dad and a white Kansas mom gets 53 percent of the vote in a country where black Americans are only 12 percent of the population. He wins over the suburbs, grabs the youth vote, sweeps the Hispanic vote, attracts about half the white and elderly vote and overwhelmingly claims the Jewish vote despite Hussein for a middle name.

Explain that to 11 million Cubans – the majority black or mestizo – who have been spoon-fed the regime's "racist U.S. imperialists" propaganda for five decades.

Imagine the monumental challenge of this historic moment for a regime in which Afro-Cubans hold virtually no high-level posts beyond a handful of old black generals who fought with Fidel and Raul Castro.

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