GEORGEA KOVANIS: Japanese site offers fun fabrics

I don't sew -- the best I've ever done is hem a skirt with duct tape -- yet I am fascinated by a Web site that specializes in the cutest fabrics from Japan and also carries some fabulous giftie items such as tote bags, placemats and magnets in the shape of kitchen appliances, dogs, penguins and more!

Without further suspense: It's, which will celebrate its first anniversary in August.

Fabric starts at $9.95 a yard and most of it is absolutely adorable -- whimsical yet not so cutesy you'll want to gag.

The site also stocks vintage wallpaper.

And yarn.

And buttons and trim.



So I tried the sample of the new Calvin Klein perfume, ck IN2U her, that arrived in the mail and didn't feel fresh, warm or sexy, which is how Calvin bills the fragrance.

I also didn't smell "a burst of pink grapefruit fizz or a surge of mouthwatering sugar orchid" touted by the perfume's promotional materials.

I decided it smells like men's cologne -- an expensive men's cologne (it's $50 for 3.4 ounces), but a men's cologne nonetheless.

Which, upon further thought, I realized isn't all bad.

Want to make your on-again, off-again boyfriend jealous?

Wear this perfume and he'll think you've been around another man.


Available at department stores.


Oh, that colonel.

First he takes the trans fats out of his chicken and now he's selling retro-style T-shirts to benefit charity.

I'm especially fond of the shirt decorated with a bucket of chicken, though there's also a shirt that says "I march to the beat of a different drumstick."

The shirts are $15. Proceeds, which end up being about $5 per shirt, go to the KFC Colonel's Scholars, a nationwide program for financially needy high school seniors heading to college.

To buy a shirt: or For scholarship information: