Alaskan volcano huffs and puffs

Redoubt volcano simmered down Monday after a rumbling weekend, but scientists are still anticipating a possible eruption, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

A marked increase in seismic activity led scientists to upgrade the aviation color code for Redoubt from yellow to orange Sunday, indicating an eruption may be imminent. Seismic activity lessened a bit early Monday but was still above "background" or normal levels, and the AVO kept the aviation code at orange.

Geologists flew over the volcano Monday and found it huffing out a diffuse plume made up of sulfur gasses and water vapor.

There are several holes in the ice that covers the 10,197-foot peak where the warm gases have escaped. Scientists checked to see if the holes had widened overnight. They hadn't, said Chris Waythomas USGS geologist at AVO.

"There is little change from yesterday," he said.

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