Kennewick Man goes freestyle

Sunday night at the Red Room brought out a rare scene. First, it's not everyday 10 troubadors set up on stage and sing their songs, trading instruments in rotation, each taking center stage with the other nine serving as the backing band. That's the set up for Ten out of Tenn a ragtag collection of singer-songwriters culled from Nashville's underground music scene (which means not country).

There wasn't the same 'ol stuff here, each had a distinct style — electric to acoustic, folk to rock. But the real rarity was hearing a freestyle rap about our most beloved and famous frozen dude, Kennewick Man.

K.S. Rhoads took center stage first playing a dirty southern song about the world goin' down. He then dropped the guitar and broke out into the freestyle, which you can see below, but be patient the good stuff doesn't hit until the 5:26 mark. Don't forget to crank it.

Yeeahh boyeee! Video courtesy