Pink slip precautions to take with your healthcare

After ''find a job,'' put ''stay healthy'' on your to-do list if you're one of the hundreds of thousands who have lost a job in the past month or if you fear a layoff coming on.

Here are key healthcare steps you should take if a pink slip looms, recommended by those who have been there and started their own websites and blogs devoted to the unemployed:

Schedule necessary doctor appointments. If you're still on an employer's health insurance for a short time, schedule appointments you've been putting off. If you wear contact lenses or take regular medication, refill your prescriptions now.

Don't get every test out there. The problem: If anything bad turns up, it might make it difficult to get reasonably priced health insurance because you might be diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. If you snore or suspect you suffer from sleep apnea, for instance, hold off on that sleep study until you have more secure health insurance.

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