Steele issues call to action for Florida Republicans

The chairman of the national Republican party, Michael Steele, made his first official visit to Florida on Monday to try to staunch the party's backsliding in voter registration in the nation's largest battleground state.

Florida Democrats have been building on their 650,000–plus edge in voter registration since the November election, netting about 33,000 additional voters. That gives the Democratic party a 42 to 36 percent advantage over the GOP.

"That's partly why I'm here – to let the base know it's time to get busy, it's time to get to work," Steele said in an interview at the Renaissance at the Gables.

"We want to turn around those voter registration numbers, we want to turn around the turnout and we want to keep Florida competitive for the Republican Party and not cede any ground, any area, or any vote to the Democrats."

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