Fewer fireworks possible for some Florida July 4 celebrations

Fourth of July fireworks displays may fizzle in South Florida as some cities look for ways to save money.

The city of Weston will do without fireworks for the second year in a row while officials in Coral Gables haven't made a decision about whether to bring back their fireworks display.

And on Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale city officials discussed how to trim the $124,500 cost for fireworks.

Fort Lauderdale Commissioners told staff to negotiate with the vendor and look for ways to bring down the cost to about $80,000.

"I don't think we can possibly increase this to 125," Mayor Jack Seiler said. "I think it's out of the question."

The city should explore public–private partnerships to help pay for the event, said Steve Glassman, president of the Central Beach Alliance in Fort Lauderdale.

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