Teens, college students face challenges finding summer jobs

When it comes to hiring, it could be a long, hot summer for teens and college-age students. With employers cutting back and older job seekers horning in on traditional teenage standbys, it's no picnic looking for seasonal work this year.

Take 21–year–old Amanda Poag, whose job search is not only constant – but a constant worry.

The Sacramento City College student is luckier than most. Federal financial aid, thanks to her parents' military service, takes care of books and some expenses. But it's the money she earns from seasonal and part–time jobs that keeps the journalism major afloat and in school.

"The economy's horrible," said Poag, taking a break at a coffee shop near the Freeport Boulevard campus. "I'm always looking for a job. It's not so much seasonal; it's more, 'How am I going to pay for next semester?' "

In a California economy where employers are shedding jobs monthly and the jobless rate hangs at 10.5 percent, Poag and other teen and college–age students are wondering where – or whether – they will find work this summer.

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