Commentary: Training for solar energy jobs may be a winner

This editorial appeared in The Merced Sun-Star.

Solar energy is riding a wave just now, and California's San Joaquin Valley is the perfect place to catch it.

That's why it's encouraging to see local schools gearing up to train college students for the opportunities that this expanding industry will offer.

The time is right for solar.

Given the need to reduce our national dependence on imported oil, demand for cleaner air and the urgent necessity to create new, high-paying jobs, solar offers a wealth of benefits.

The Obama administration has made a strong commitment to boosting alternative energy production. Already, attractive tax incentives are fueling strong growth in the installation of solar technology.

It's long been recognized that the sun-baked central San Joaquin Valley is an ideal laboratory for developing solar energy technologies. California State University, Fresno, many private businesses and cities are already leaders in the exploitation of solar power.

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