East Texas lawmaker tells Asian-Americans to get whole 'nuther name

Every session, somebody in the Texas Legislature says something so phenomenally stupid that America takes note of it.

This session, that task has fallen to Rep. Betty Brown, a Terrell, Texas, Republican who came from her East Texas ranch to tell a Chinese-American lawyer at a "voter ID" hearing that if Asian-Americans can't get accurate IDs, they should pick new names that are "easier for Americans to deal with."

Gosh. East Texas is full of fine people.

I have no idea why some of them can't run for the elective offices.

Instead, we get stuck with lulus such as Brown and:

-Mineola Republican Bryan Hughes, who's introduced a resolution declaring Texas "sovereignty" and "states rights," harking back to the last George Wallace campaign.

- Center Republican Wayne Christian, who says that schools are heading in a "heinous" direction and wants science courses to teach "weaknesses" of evolution instead of just "all sides."

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