Barney video isn't much of a workout for kids

If your children like Barney, and millions love him, this is a good video for teaching the importance of healthful eating, exercise and regular checkups. But if your kids really like Barney, they've probably already seen the material here on television.

The video contains two episodes of "Barney," the popular PBS children's show featuring the purple dinosaur, his two dino friends, BJ and Baby Bop, and neighborhood children.

The first episode deals with the importance of visits to the doctor and dentist. Punctuating the skit-type material with song and dance is a great way to keep the interest of even the smallest viewer. Songs such as "The Doctor Is a Friend of Mine" and "Yum, Yum, Yum," a song about healthful eating, are fun and catchy.

The second episode deals more with exercise, as the youngsters on the show are surprised to learn from Barney that they are exercising while playing ball and leapfrog.

The last part of this episode brings rain, and the children move indoors. Barney teaches the children how to work out inside, including a lesson on the importance of warming up before exercise as Barney leads them through a series of stretches before a mini-workout. But a lot of time is spent on things that aren't really exercise: drawing, reading and playing dress-up.

The video offers a fun way for kids to learn about important health topics, but it's more about learning than doing, as the opportunities for exercising with the 50-minute video are few.