Kentucky soldier's remains returned from Korea after 58 years

Donald Stidham doesn't know a lot about his half-brother, Lloyd Stidham, who went missing in action during the Korean War in November 1950, the year before Donald was born.

Donald, who lives in Stamping Ground, has a few pictures of Lloyd and remembers some stories their parents used to tell. But details are few.

All Donald knows for sure is that his half-brother's remains are finally coming home, and that's what really matters.

"It's what Mom and Dad wanted for many, many years," Donald, 57, says with a catch in his voice. "But both of them died without ever knowing what really happened to Lloyd."

The Pentagon officially confirmed on April 3 that the remains of Army Cpl. Lloyd Dale Stidham, a Breathitt County native, had been found in a North Korean grave and identified. The remains of three other American soldiers were found with him.

Lloyd Stidham's remains, which were identified through DNA testing, arrived in Lexington by plane Saturday night.

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