Kansas City plans to rebuild a neighborhood for energy efficiency

Within a couple of years, Kansas City could become a green model for turning around some of its poorest neighborhoods _ a 150-block area where every home will be weatherized, bus service wil be updgraded and other energy efficiency programs will help residents save money.

“I’m so excited, I’m trying to calm down,” said U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Kansas City Democrat who came up with the idea for a Green Impact Zone. “The key is we are investing federal money wisely and building an inclusive green economy strong enough to create jobs for residents,” said Cleaver, who met with more than 50 neighborhood and community leaders last week.

“It’s not uncommon for some people to have $600 and $800 gas bills a month in the winter,” said Margaret May, executive director of the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council. “Some don’t have incomes that are much more than that. There are so many needs here, and we need to make sure we are spending this money in a manner that really benefits this area.”

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