Alaska Senate panel questions Palin's AG pick Ross

Members of a Senate committee on Monday repeatedly pressed Wayne Anthony Ross, Gov. Sarah Palin's attorney general appointee, on whether he still believes gays are "degenerates," a term he used 16 years ago in a letter to the state bar association.

But Ross refused to provide a direct answer, saying his personal opinions do not have a place in his role as attorney general.

Members of the state Senate Judiciary Committee also questioned Ross about his criticism of the Legislature's "Troopergate" investigation and his support of a Soldotna man who dumped buckets of cold water on war protesters and produced a video of it set to patriotic music.

The questioning came during the final confirmation hearing for Ross before the Legislature votes on his appointment Thursday.

Two Democratic senators on the committee repeatedly asked Ross if he still believes gays are degenerates.

Ross replied that his job as attorney general is to represent all Alaskans, and "my personal opinions in that regard have no place and I decline to state my opinion."

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