Clinton: U.S. could change policy of deporting Haitians

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday the Obama administration is reviewing a U.S. policy of deporting undocumented Haitians and left open the possibility of expanding travel to Havana beyond the families of Cuban exiles in the United States.

Clinton made the remarks in an interview days ahead of the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago and days after the White House revamped Cuba policy by lifting all travel and gift restrictions for Americans who have relatives on the island. It is the most significant Cuba policy change in decades.

Clinton also offered a sharp reply to Fidel Castro's criticism that the Obama administration moves were insufficient: "Well, we would welcome him releasing some political prisoners,'' she said.

She travels Thursday to Port-au-Prince and the Dominican Republic, then links up with President Barack Obama in Port of Spain to bring a message of engagement and collaboration.

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