California lawmaker wants to curb sales of slain troops' images

A California lawmaker is so offended by anti-war T-shirts bearing the names of thousands of American troops who died in Iraq that he is pushing for a new state law to curb such sales.

Assemblyman Mike Duvall's anger was sparked by $18 T-shirts for sale on the Internet. They list 4,058 dead troops as a backdrop to blood-red print reading "Bush Lied" on the front and "They Died" on the back.

The Yorba Linda Republican argues that making a buck off the names of troops who died serving their country is exploitative, insensitive and causes pain to grieving families.

"What if it was your daughter or son?" Duvall asked.

His legislation may test the limits of free speech, however, in a nation that provides the constitutional right to express even the most crass political statements.

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