Florida boy, 12, tackling a double major at FIU

It's Friday at Florida International University, which means a few things for Sky Choi: physics lab, Calculus II and a trip to the game room.

For this 12-year-old, the youngest student ever to attend FIU, college is a long-awaited challenge and a daily adventure.

"We have fun here," he said as he prepared to start a work sheet on pistons, gases, and pressure with his lab partners.

Welcome to the world of Sky, who is taking a full course load of physics, calculus, and Chinese language classes at the university and still finds time to play pool and table tennis in the game room at the West Miami-Dade campus.

A home-schooler who has a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do and is fluent in Korean, he is dual enrolled and officially finishing high school at the end of this semester.

When he starts classes in the fall as a full-fledged college student, he'll have as many credits as a sophomore.

The Pembroke Pines preteen, who is classified as "profoundly gifted," started taking classes there when he was 10.

"I felt really, really small," he said.

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