Never a dull moment in the boat when taping outdoors TV show

Welcome to another moment on the ever-expanding bloopers reel from the "Sportsman's Outdoors" television show.

Larry Moffitt and Joe Falco, stars of the Metro Sports program, are standing in a wet field in southeastern Kansas, strategizing about how to get to one of their favorite fishing holes.

Most fishermen would have deemed that too risky. Pulling a heavy boat and trailer through a muddy field to get to a farm pond? No way.

But Moffitt and Falco, ever the optimists, think there is a way.

"Stay on the gravel and you'll be fine," Moffitt says.

But Falco has a better idea and opts for the high ground. And he watches his vehicle and trailer slowly sink in mud.

End of story? Hardly. Moffitt and Falco, with some help from friend Gino Schiraldi and cameraman Ryan Stadlman, unhook the trailer, tug it to another vehicle and take another route to the water.

They launch the boat and finally go fishing.

"This place is loaded with bass," Falco says. "We're going to catch fish."

They don't catch fish. A couple of hours later, they concede defeat and head home after a farmer has pulled their vehicle out of the mud.

"What a disaster," Falco says dejectedly.

Others might say, "What a typical moment for Moffitt and Falco."

When these two get together to go fishing ... well, let's just say life is never boring.

Take a look at more scenes from that bloopers reel we were talking about.

-Falco, who owns the Sportsman's Outfitter and Marine and KC Marine boat dealerships, is launching a boat on a private lake in the Kansas City area.

Everything is going just fine ... except that he forgets one small detail. There is no one holding the rope.

The boat glides into the water and starts floating toward the middle of the lake.

Never missing an opportunity to poke fun at himself, Falco says, "That's how us big-time boat dealers launch a boat."

-The serenity of the outdoors is broken by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Before Schiraldi can answer it, Falco says, "Rule No. 1: No cell phones in the boat." He grabs the phone and flings it into the water. Then he borrows a line from a commercial and says, "Can you hear me now?"

-Moffitt and Falco start wrestling in the boat as they talk about who caught the biggest fish.

Before you know it, they are tumbling backward into the water in one of those "boys will be boys" moments.

-Falco is discussing the beginnings of the "Sportsman's Outdoors" show and talks about the early shows.

"Larry never caught a fish in the first three shows," Falco joked. "It was hard on me. I had to carry the show."

And on and on it goes.

That's what happens when you put a popular radio DJ (Moffitt) in the boat with a fun-loving boat dealer (Falco).

And maybe that explains why their cable television show has proved so popular. Now in its seventh season, "Sportsman's Outdoors" has captured the attention of Kansas City-area fishermen.

"In the last three years, I've gotten far more feedback from our fishing show than anything I've done in radio," said Moffitt, who is a DJ for 101, the Fox. "When I'm out, people are always coming up to me and wanting to talk fishing.

"I think a lot of fishermen can identify with us. We're just a couple of regular guys who are having a good time.

"We don't pretend to know anything. We're not experts.

"We just want to show how much fun fishing can be."

Moffitt and Falco, who both live in Overland Park, met back in the late 1990s when Falco started advertising for one of the radio stations Moffitt worked for.

When they learned they had a common passion for the outdoors, they started fishing and hunting together. One of their first trips should have told them what they were in for.

"We went out fishing and when we got our little two-man boat out to the middle of the lake, the batteries went dead," Moffitt said. "We finally got to shore, and Joe pulled me up to this muddy bank to let me out. I sank down to my knees in mud and lost a shoe.

"Once we finally loaded up, we decided to go duck hunting. Well, I had my waders in the car, but Joe didn't. I waded out there while Joe sat on shore.

"I started shooting ducks like crazy and pretty soon I look over and Joe is standing beside me. I said, 'What do you have on your feet?' And he told me he had found my Rockies (boots) in the back of the car and had put them on.

"It took me weeks to dry those boots out."

The two decided to team up in 2000 when Metro Sports asked Falco to start a show on fishing. It started as a call-in show, but soon the two were out on site, taping shows from Missouri to Kansas to Arkansas to Canada.

Today, "Sportsman's Outdoors" is seen on Metro Sports at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and 8:30 a.m. Sunday. In the half-hour time slot preceding each show, "Sportsman's Classics" - reruns of Harold Ensley's "Sportsman's Friend," of which Falco has purchased the airing rights - are shown.

Moffitt and Falco tape about 10 new shows a year and show reruns on the remaining time slots.

The shows feature plenty of comedy relief, but they also are heavy on good fishing action. They have caught everything from a 50-pound catfish to 6-pound bass to trophy trout while the camera is rolling.

But the emphasis is on having fun in the fishing boat.

"Fishing is a fun sport, something anybody can do," Falco said. "We try to emphasize that on our show."