Anniversary plans for all budgets

No matter how much money you have, here are some great ideas to make sure you won't disappoint your mate this year.

Whether it's the first or fiftieth anniversary of your wedding day, you want the celebration to get your toes tingling like they did when you first said "I do." Read on for a slew of fun ideas suited for all sizes of wallets.


- Make a book of the highlights of your life together as husband and wife. Paste in pictures, starting with your wedding day, followed by trips you've taken together. Also include photos of holidays, graduations, and moving into your first house. Fill it in with candids of the two of you, along with some funny and sweet quotes or momentos of when the photos were taken. Leave blank pages in the back so you can load up with new memories next year.

- Picnic at the spot where you got engaged. If it's so unique that you can't go back in a day's trip, re-create the moment closer to home. Proposed in France? Pack up a baguette, Brie, olives, and champagne and head to a secluded spot. Said "yes" at a vineyard across the coast? Order one of its wines online to toast to another happy year. Don't forget the big fluffy blanket and pillows. And if the mood strikes you, "propose" again. Tell your mate all the reasons you love being married -- and ask if she'll be your wife for eternity. Girls, you can turn the tables here and get down on one knee as well. We know how fun it is being proposed to -- let your man feel that glow!

- Nothing seals a marriage like a baby - or a pet. Pick out a soppy-eyed puppy or a pink-nosed kitten to turn your couplehood into a little family. Play mom and dad as you drool over each new trick, buy cute four-legged clothes and put the little rascal to bed. The best part? You won't have to worry about getting a sitter on Friday nights. Check to adopt the animal of your dreams.



- Splurge on a "honeymoon-style" dinner. If you went to Puerto Vallarta, check out an authentic Mexican restaurant where you can dig in to your favorite meals from your most romantic trip. Or if you dined in the Greek isles, find a Mediterranean bistro and order all the feta you can handle. Get creative. Just make sure the restaurant is romantic, new to both of you and well-rated.

- Head to the nursery, take out the shovel and plant a tree together in your yard. Then you can mark each year's passing with the sprouting of a colorful maple or cherry tree. Snap a shot of it on each anniversary and keep the pictures in a photo journal along with a record of each year's celebrations and disappointments.

- She wears a fancy, flowing dress. He wears a suit or tux. The agenda: dancing. Nothing can get your blood pumping faster than your sexy spouse doing the rumba. OK, it doesn't have to be "Dancing With the Stars," but twirling and dipping can make you feel like a bride and groom again. Whether you prefer slow dancing to a live jazz band, shaking it up at a salsa club or spinning to swing, dress accordingly and let it all hang loose. Just make sure they play your wedding song.



- Go for a weekend away at a secluded B&B that's close enough to home that you don't spend hours traveling in the car. Take along a basket of your favorite munchables -- like crackers, cheese, fruit and chocolates -- and remember a cooler of wine, champagne or beer if you don't have access to a fridge. The most important part? Go lingerie shopping together before heading out.

- Take a few days off from work and hightail it to an exotic locale. Your honeymoon shouldn't have to be your only romantic vacation. Book a trip way in advance. And if your spouse likes surprises, pack both bags and don't reveal any details until you're at the airport.