Get in shape for summer: Fun exercise programs to help prepare you for bikini season

With summer on the horizon, now is the time to start sculpting your body into that of a Greek god or goddess.

But you know you'll never keep with the program if all you do are crunches, push-ups and squats. You need to find something that will work you out and keep your interest at the same time.

"People often ask me, `What is the best type of cardio or workout?' And I always say, `The one that you like' - you are more apt to stay with it and be consistent," said Leanne DiSanto, owner of Fitness Patrol in Corona del Mar, Calif.

"If you love (the) feeling your body gets from dancing, then dance. If you love the intensity of Spinning, then do that."

We checked out a variety of workouts that caught our attention because of their popularity or how unique they are: pole dancing, Nordic walking, Hoopdance, kickboxing, indoor cycling, boot camps and digital workouts.

"I think (indoor cycling) is fantastic," said Brennan Fobel, owner of The Workout in Huntington Beach, Calif. "It's great for toning and leaning the legs. It's also a lower impact movement than, say, jogging."

Personal trainer Noah Hodgin, who owns Noah's Personal Training in Huntington Beach, said Nordic walking can help your posture and works your upper body while you walk.

"It's actually a pretty good full-body workout," he said.

To give you more insight, we've gathered some important facts about each program, including how they work, benefits, drawbacks, and where to take classes. We tried most of them ourselves, so we could offer you some first-hand information. We hope one or more of these fitness programs hook your interest.