Brow wow wow: She plucks, shapes, stencils to keep brows in shape

Aside from fame and fortune, what do Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon have in common?

If you said well-groomed eyebrows, you are correct. They are just a few of the starlets who keep their eyebrows perfectly arched thanks to the magic of eyebrow stylist Anastasia Soare.

The Romanian-born beauty has become just as famous as some of her celeb clients for her approach to tweezing and shaping eyebrows. Like Madonna (another of her posh patrons), Anastasia is widely known solely by her first name. She generates big-time enthusiasm among beauty lovers, particularly when she makes special appearances nationwide, as she recently did at Nordstrom at NorthPark Center in Dallas.

Along with four staff members from her Beverly Hills salon, Anastasia worked the eyebrows of more than 60 women that afternoon, shifting back and forth from one of four workstations.

"Eyebrows should balance out your entire face and bring symmetry to a woman's look," says the stunning 50-year-old. "It's very mathematical and well thought out."

With 18 years in the brow business, Anastasia says she can size up a woman's look in a matter of seconds and offer tips and suggestions on how she can enhance her appearance.

"It is easy for me," she says, "but I've been doing this a long time. I study everyone's bone structure and eyebrow shape."

Anastasia attended the Romania College of Architecture, where she had an interest in drawing and design.

"That gave me a good understanding of the human body, particularly the face," she says.

After college, she went on to study at a cosmetology school and started working as a beautician. Within six months of arriving in the United States, and not speaking English, Anastasia landed a job at a small Los Angeles salon working as an aesthetician doing facials and body waxing.

"Before a woman's facial, I would do their eyebrows without even charging," she says. "They didn't even consider that a service then."

She spent two years at the salon before breaking away to start her own business. Initially, she rented a room at a Beverly Hills salon.

As her clientele grew, so did her need for more space. For the past 10 years, she has owned and operated her namesake salon in Beverly Hills. Even with all her celebrity clients and her cache in the beauty world, you'll still find her working in her salon four days a week.

"I just can't give that up," she says. "I love the interaction with women. I love making women feel beautiful. Within five minutes, she'll leave my chair smiling. It's like a brow club."

And no matter how many women she encounters, the No. 1 eyebrow faux pas remains the same.

"Over-tweezing," she says. "Without a doubt."

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