Prevention's fitness DVDs win trainer's approval

As a personal trainer, Phyllis Joseph knows that "cellulite" is a marketing tool rather than a special form of fat, so when she saw an exercise DVD titled "Fight Cellulite Fast," she was skeptical.

After trying it, she came away impressed.

The DVD, from Prevention Fitness Systems, was one of two that Joseph tried. The other was "Slim, Strong and Firm," from the same company. Each is $14.98 and available online or where fitness videos are sold.

Both are worth the money, says Joseph, a personal trainer at Fit Physique Fitness Center in Wichita, Kan., and both are good.

She personally prefers "Slim, Strong and Firm," which has two 30-minute programs based on Pilates and ballet. It stars Lara Hudson, who "does a nice job leading the workouts and providing detailed instructions on form and technique."

The DVD comes with a resistance band to step up the workouts; light weights also could be used, Joseph says. Each workout includes a warm-up, a core workout and a cool-down.

"Slim, Strong and Firm" offers an almost-total body workout, Joseph says, but doesn't include cardio work.

For that, look to "Fight Cellulite Fast," starring Chris Freytag. "This girl is a real pusher," Joseph says, offering a high-intensity workout to burn body fat and a lower body workout to tone.

"This combination, along with good nutrition, will certainly minimize the appearance of body fat," which is what cellulite is, Joseph says.

The workout starts with a warm-up, progresses to the cardio routine, then to the lower body strength program, and ends with a cool-down. Modifications are available, and it has a "break it down" option to provide more advice.

Freytag's DVD is for all levels, but Joseph says, "I strongly recommend starting slowly with this program unless you are already in excellent condition."

The "Slim, Strong and Firm" workout would be easier for beginners, she says.