DIY HOBBIES: Create a floral pom

My sister's wedding was this month and a year's worth of creativity finally came together in grand style. The wedding was beautiful and every detail had the bride and groom's signature on it. The ceremony was in the mountains of Malibu, Calif. under a grapevine arch sprinkled with lavender roses and soft green hydrangeas. The reception was just steps away and the hall was filled with the aroma of good food, the glow of candle light and the laughter and love of family and friends.

We created many things for her wedding -- ribbon tied programs and chocolate truffle party favors, embellished table numbers and place cards, soft lilac pearl necklaces and vintage fabric decoupaged luminaries. One of my favorite projects was the floral pom aisle decorations.

They are simple to create and because we used silk hydrangea petals, they can be made months in advance. The floral poms can be hung from hooks and should be placed down both sides of the aisle about three rows apart. The poms can be made with many different styles of silk flowers. The key is to look for flowers that have small petals that can easily be taken apart.

Here are the supplies needed to create the floral poms:

Styrofoam ball (8-10 inches), green spray paint, sheet moss, spray adhesive, silk hydrangea flower, green floral wire, 2 yards wide ribbon, long pearl pins


1. Spray paint the Styrofoam ball with a green color. This prevents any "peek a boos" through the moss.

2. Working outside and on a protected surface, spray adhesive on the backside of the moss and attach around the ball. The sheet style moss works really well. Fill in any holes with smaller pieces of moss.

3. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the ball, twist the wire to secure, and trim the edges.

4. Break apart the silk hydrangea flower and pin the petals to the ball by piercing through the center of the petal and into the ball. Continue until the entire ball is covered. The longer pins stay really well. You could use a drop of glue for security.

5. Cut the ribbon in half so you have two pieces, each one yard long.. Thread one piece through the wire (move a pin if needed) and tie a knot at the desired hanging length. Bring the knot toward the base of the ball and trim the ends of the ribbon. Hide the knot by using the remaining ribbon to tie a bow at the base of the ball. Trim the ribbon ends.

Emmy nominated Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza created and co-host "Creative Juice" on the DIY Network and HGTV.