Alaskans using Twitter to call out bad drivers

Forget about waving fists and wagging middle fingers, a few Alaska motorists are venting road rage with something more high tech: Twitter.

AKBadDrivers, a Twitter feed that started last month, allows drivers to write in and publicly call-out red-light runners, tail-gaters, close-parkers, cutter-offers, errant-honkers, median-swervers, hit-and-runners, cell-phone chatterers, and all other manner of annoying and dangerous drivers.

All online.

Bad drivers, beware, these Twitter peeps post license plates.

Over about a month, the local feed – a "micro blog" that allows people to share instant messages ("tweets") of up to 140 characters – has gained around 250 followers, many who privately send in their short driving rants that are posted anonymously.

AKBadDrivers was born of commuter frustration to Annette Mullen, who started describing bad drivers on her personal Twitter feed from her spot in the passenger seat as she commuted in from Wasilla with her husband. Mullen sees all manner of dangerous maneuvers on the highway and has a personal pet peeve about people driving slow in the fast lane. Finally she was so mad, she had to let it out. Twitter seemed the perfect place.

"It's just a wonderful outlet for venting," she said.

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