Commentary: Whig party makes a comeback

Tired of Democrats and Republicans? Do Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Ann Coulter and Rachel Maddow leave you cold?

Well, it may be time to bring back the Whigs.

You remember the Whig Party from your old U.S. history courses? They were very big in the 1830s and 1840s.

The Whigs were the party of such 19th-century giants as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and Abe Lincoln, before he became a Republican. And let us not forget President Millard Fillmore, one of four Whig presidents.

In North Carolina the Whigs produced such governors as Edward Bishop Dudley, John Motley Morehead, William Alexander Graham and Charles Manly.

Now, after 160 years in hibernation, the Whig Party is stirring.

I got wind of the resurrection last month, when I received a news release from a John Moore, the chairman of the Modern Whig Party of North Carolina, announcing that the Whigs have "returned to the State of North Carolina after a long absence."

I thought, what next – horse-drawn carriages, hoop skirts, war with Mexico?

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