FAITH ALIVE: Robert Ross, Green Hills Missionary Baptist Church

How long have been in ministry? For about a year. It’ll be a year on Dec. 21.

What’s your regular job? I’m Senior Appeals Coordinator with Optum Health Solutions in Atlanta. I’ve been with them for two years.

Is Columbus your hometown? No, it’s Talbotton. I was raised by my grandmother. I graduated from Central Talbotton High School in 1997. Then I went to Gupton Jones College, in Decatur, Ala.; Atlantic Intercontinental University; and I’m currently working on a master’s in Christian Worldview at Luther Rice in Lithonia, Ga.

Were you always in the Church? Yes, I have been in church all of my life. I was baptized at age 4 at my home church, Shady Grove Baptist Church in Talbotton. I was there until I left Talbotton and moved to Atlanta. After relocating back to Columbus, God led me to Green Hill Missionary Baptist Church. I was an usher for years. Even then, people always said that God had his hands on me. I personally never thought I’d be a minister.

When were you called to preach? It was a very humbling and precious experience. Of course, like many, I have been running from ministry for years. But, when God has a destiny you must fulfill it. I was called years ago, but I accepted my calling in January 2008.

What do you do at Green Hill? I’m currently Senior Sunday School teacher. This is a great experience for me; it’s my first time to teach a Sunday school class. When Pastor (George) Cofield asked me I said yes, but I had no experience in teaching, especially the adults’ class. Overall it has been a God-blessed experience. I’m also chair of our annual Christmas gala. Overall, I try to be blessing to Green Hill as Green Hill is a blessing to me.

Have you given an initial sermon? Do you preach often? I preached Oct. 11. The topic was “God Loves A Fat Man” from Matthew 25: 14-15. And my first sermon was Dec. 21, 2008. The topic was “It’s Time To Get The Ashes Off The Altar,” from Numbers 4:13.

What does fat man mean? It’s actually an acronym. It stands for Faithful, Accountable and Trustworthy. Not to be chauvinistic but we love “fat” women too.

Do you commute here from Atlanta? Yes, I’m at Green Hill every week.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in world? I have seen that people are more to themselves. And, crime is increasing, and everyone blaming someone except for themselves. Humans have less respect for each other. I guess one good thing is researchers are still finding cures for various diseases.

What’s a passion? My passion is political science. I just love American government. One of my life goals is to become a state representative.