Sharks invade Georgia Aquarium

My newest piece of bling: a 23-pound metal mesh suit that protects its wearer from shark bites.

It seemed like a perfect way to avoid romantic advances downtown. But after briefly flaunting my look in the office, I had to return the getup to its owner.

The suit is part of a traveling tour to promote “Planet Shark: Predator or Prey,” a new interactive exhibition at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

“Planet Shark” runs through next fall and focuses on the unique relationship between humans and sharks.

“I think most people believe that sharks are just this misguided eating machine,” said Mackenzie Whalen, public relations coordinator for the Georgia Aquarium.

She added, “These aren’t just mindless killers. They are being pushed to the brink of extinction as we speak.”

Check out “Planet Shark” and you’ll see full-scale shark models, shark cages, high-definition displays, fossils and more.

With luck, you’ll come away with an understanding that the shark universe is more complex than the material you see in horror movies.

And that alone is pretty jaw-dropping.

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