What's going on this weekend?

Twilight at SOA

Good news, reprobates. This week is once again full of activities for the bored amongst you. I’ll cut the banter for once and get right to it:

First, pick a night in which you want to punish yourself for living in the current age and go see the new “Twilight” movie, “New Moon.” Why? Honestly, there’s no good reason. Maybe you like movie theater popcorn. Maybe you just want to spend some cash and help a down economy. The movie is playing at Carmike 15 in Columbus Park Crossing. Good luck to you.

Saturday, race to the Liberty Theater, 813 Eighth Ave., where Sheree Whitfield, who’s famous for some reason, will headline the 88th anniversary celebration of The Columbus Times. Action starts at 8 p.m. Come on, people! It’s Sheree! No, not the one who’s ex-finance died outside the strip club. The other one. No, not the one with the fake hair. That’s Kim. Get with it, people.

Sunday, get those old corduroy pants from the closet and put a bandanna on your hair, which you better not have washed for a couple of weeks. It’s SOA Watch weekend! Head down to Fort Benning Road for some great music, guys playing hackey sack and those people who put fake blood on their shirts and lay in the middle of the street for hours. I’d get there around noon.

-Alan Riquelmy

Party like an art star

Kick off your weekend by checking out an art show at one of the coolest spots in town: Bibb City. Yes, you read that correctly: a classy art show in Bibb City.

Friday, three Columbus State University art students host a show called “A Dark Romance: Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Featuring Rudy Maddox.” It’s 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 102 Anthony St. in Bibb City. Bring $3 for the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley.

Saturday, satisfy your urge for a mini road trip and travel to Cost Plus World Market, 2546 Enterprise Drive in Opelika, Ala. Pick out a few bottles from the store's stellar wine selection and bring them to Thanksgiving dinner. Trust me, your friends prefer a nice Zin over your green bean casserole.

Wrap up the weekend by watching the American Music Awards, which air 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC. Expect "comeback" performances by Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. Conveniently, will have "live" updates on the show all night -- you know, just in case you'd rather watch cheesy reality TV.

-Sonya Sorich

-Sonya Sorich

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