Three celebrities step into final week of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

“Dancing with the Stars” will crown its season nine champion this week.

On Monday’s show the remaining three celebrities will compete against each other for the last time. On Tuesday one celebrity will be declared the winner.

The final three celebrites are singer Mya with her partner Dmitry Chaplin, reality star Kelly Osbourne with her partner Louis Van Amstel and performer Donny Osmond with his partner Kym Johnson.

Here’s a recap of the top three and their progress each week:

Last week

Mya topped the leader board in last week’s semifinal round with 87 out of 90 points for three dances. Osmond was the lowest scoring celebrity with 74 points. Osbourne received 78 points.

Osmond and Johnson struggled with their tango when the hemline of Johnson’s dress unraveled during the dance.

Head judge Len Goodman said, “It was a catastrophe.”

The couple rebounded in their final dance of the night, the jitterbug.

“You needed this dance to be good, and, thank God, you got your mojo back,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba said.

Osbourne and Van Amstel’s performance was summed up by Goodman: “You’ve come out tonight, done three dances, all to a very high level. Well done.” All three judges complimented Osbourne on her emotional growth during the season and her ability to reach out to the audience.

“You are very, very endearing,” judge Bruno Tonioli said.

Mya and Chaplin received a perfect judges’ score for their salsa.

“Only one word can describe this: Sensational,” Tonioli said.

Goodman thought of a few other words to describe Mya. “Tooty fruity, what a booty... I was mesmerized by your buttocks,” he said.

The couple showed strength in the ballroom dance, too, performing their waltz almost flawlessly.

“That was love set to music,” Tonioli said.

Week eight

Osmond and Johnson earned 24 points for their 1980’s paso doble that featured crazy costumes and clownish makeup.

Goodman said, “It was the most crazy, bizarre, scary paso doble I’ve ever seen. A cross between Adam Ant and Adam Carolla. But I liked it.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 26 points for their energetic 1960’s jive.

Goodman said, “You have been an absolute revelation to me... You’ve come in week after week stronger and stronger.”

Mya and Chaplin earned a perfect score of 30 points for their 1970s samba.

Before the couple danced, Inaba said Mya’s biggest challenge was showing the audience and the judges that she really wanted to win the competition.

After the dance, Inaba said, “I believe it. I believe you want to win this competition... It was beyond belief.”

Osmond and Johnson received 26 points for their Viennese Waltz.

Tonioli said, “It was like watching a Lifetime movie. Romantic, emotional and full of drama.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 25 points for their foxtrot.

Inaba said, “You have a secret weapon... the audience goes crazy for you.”

Mya and Chaplin earned 29 points for their fast, accurate and fun quickstep.

Goodman, who scored the dance a perfect 10, said, “There is a disappointment for me because I couldn’t find anything to criticize.”

Week seven

Mya and Chaplin earned 26 points for their foxtrot.

Tonioli said, “This foxtrot perfectly captured the glamorous aura of Hollywood’s golden age. Your timing was fantastic.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 24 points for their salsa. They had all three judges standing to applaud Osbourne’s energy.

Goodman said, “That’s the first time I think you’ve really controlled your nerves and come out and given us a full performance.”

Osmond and Johnson earned 24 points for their difficult quickstep despite Osmond admitting that he made five mistakes in the dance. The judges noticed the errors but applauded Osmond’s effort.

Tonioli said, “As a performer you’re solid as a rock.”

Week six

Mya and Chaplin scored 24 points for their jitterbug. The couple went for gimmicks in their routine. Mya dusted the judges’ desk while Dmitry swept the dance floor before they started dancing. Goodman and Inaba wanted to see more dancing, but Bruno thought the routine was fun and lively.

Goodman said, “You’re such a good dancer it is not necessary to waste 20 bars polishing my desk.”

Tonioli disagreed. He said, “Cleanliness is next to godliness... Your timing was incredible.”

Osmond and Johnson got 24 points for their jitterbug.

Inaba said, “You guys certainly know how to work a room... You had a few moments of being out of sync.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 20 points for their jitterbug. The judges thought Osbourne was being protective of her injured ankle which caused the dance to lack energy.

Goodman said, “It was a little bit flat footed... It was like a blueberry muffin with no blueberries. It looked tasty but it disappointed.”

Week five

Osmond and Johnson earned perfect 10s from Inaba and Tonioli and a nine from Goodman for a total of 29 points for their Argentine Tango. During rehearsals, Johnson wondered if Osmond could be passionate enough to perform the dance.

“I’ve got five kids,” he responded.

Inaba said, “The Argentine Tango loves Donny Osmond... It was so darn sexy.”

Mya and Chaplin scored 27 points for their Argentine Tango.

Goodman said, “I never really know what I like until I see it, and — I’ve got to say — I liked that.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel scored 24 points for their Paso Doble. They danced to “Crazy Train,” a song that Osbourne’s dad Ozzy Osbourne made famous. He was in the audience to watch his daughter.

Goodman said, “You were dancing tonight with much more authority. There wasn’t that nervousness that we sometimes see.”

Week four

Mya and Chaplin earned 28 points for the final dance of the evening, their sexy lambada.

Tonioli said, “That was an erotic, exotic roller coaster. You would want to ride that over and over and over and over again.”

Osmond and Johnson’s Charleston got 24 points.

Inaba said, “It was excellent because you played to your strengths.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel received 23 points for their Charleston.

Inaba said, “Watching you dance is like watching a little birdie get their wings and learn to fly. It is just wonderful.”

Week three

The first 10s of the season went to Mya and Chaplin for their romantic rumba. Their score was 27 out of 30 points. Inaba and Tonioli both scored the dance at 10 points while Goodman gave it only seven points.

Tonioli said, “You put all of America in the mood for love... Fabulous.”

Goodman agreed that the dance showed great chemistry between the couple, but he “felt it was too crammed with trick after trick.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned a 20 out of 30 for their samba.

Goodman said, “Your problem is confidence... I’m convinced you’re a good dancer, you’ve just got to convince yourself.”

Osmond and Johnson earned a 21 for their rumba.

Tonioli said,the dance looked “a bit airy-fairy at times... Turn to the dark side.”

Week two

Goodman was not on the show. Famed choreographer Baz Luhrmann was a guest judge.

Osmond and Johnson scored 25 points for their jive to “Secret Agent Man.”

Inaba said, “This is why the name Osmond carries so much weight in this business... Keep up what you’re doing.”

Mya and Chaplin scored a 27 for their theatrical jive.

Tonioli said, “Mya the magnificent... It was like seeing Josephine Baker and Clark Kent.”

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 19 points for the tango.

Luhrmann said, “There were mistakes.. but what a fighter... I was moved by it.”

Week one

Osbourne and Van Amstel earned 23 points for their Viennese Waltz.

Tonioli said, “I cannot believe my eyes. The wild child rock princess transformed into a vision of grace.”

Mya and Chaplin’s Viennese Waltz got 21 points.

Inaba said, “Way to set the bar tonight.”

Osmond and Johnson’s Foxtrot earned 20 points.

Tonioli said, “You can play an audience like a master fiddler.”