The news you might have missed while going rogue

Yes, we’ve heard of Sarah Palin’s memoir.

Recently, the book — “Going Rogue” — has often seemed like the sole piece of national literary news.

There’s Palin’s book tour. Avid fact-checking efforts.

Not to mention the recent Vanity Fair article that highlighted similarities between the memoir and the popular “Gossip Girl” series for young adults.

If you’re not careful, memoir mania can get a little too intoxicating.

So rather than dissecting the relationship between “Going Rogue” and, say, “Sweet Valley High,” we’re using this opportunity to remind you of the book news you might have missed.

Religion meets ‘90210’

Sorry, there wasn’t a spiritual awakening at West Beverly Hills High School.

The Los Angeles Times gave readers an inside look at a recently released audio version of the Bible. The project spans 79 CDs and includes the vocal talents of Jason Alexander, Marisa Tomei, Gary Sinise and more.

An especially buzzed-about member of the lineup: Luke Perry, who spent years playing heartthrob Dylan McKay on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” He plays Judas in the new audio Bible.

You can’t help but wonder what Brenda would say about that.

‘Unfriend’ goes mainstream

Your awkward social networking interactions are finally getting some recognition.

“Unfriend” was chosen as the New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2009 Word of the Year.

The word refers to the process of deleting someone as one of your digital “friends” — an action often taken without warning.

The Word of the Year distinction likely doesn’t mean much to most book lovers.

However, it makes for a nice reminder that it might finally be time to cut off communication with your former high school lab partner.

Literary advertising?

A recent Slate piece described the rising popularity of book trailers — short Web videos designed to promote a book.

The videos aren’t confined to action thrillers. Even Penguin Classics has a clip reminding readers how books like “Of Mice and Men” can help you navigate social situations.

Some people say book trailers are an unnecessary step in the reading process.

But I’d really like to hear the deep-voiced movie trailer guy apply his talents to my favorite cheesy romance novels.

Sonya Sorich, feature writer, can be reached at 706-571-8516.