Teen Mom Season 2: Amber Portwood pregnant? Tyler and Catelynn break up?

Reality series "Teen Mom" begins its second season at 10 p.m. Tuesday on MTV. Need a quick primer on the four cast members? We can help.

Catelynn Lowell

Background: Catelynn and boyfriend Tyler gave their daughter Carly up for adoption. Catelynn has a unique family situation because her mother is married to Tyler's father. They initially didn't support the adoption decision.

Where she left off: Tyler proposed on the season one finale of "Teen Mom." Catelynn said yes.

Future outlook: A preview clip for the second season of "Teen Mom" shows Catelynn and Tyler rethinking their engagement. Catelynn gives her ring back to Tyler at one point. The pair will continue to struggle with missing Carly.

Farrah Abraham

Background: Farrah has a daughter, Sophia, and lives with her parents. The father of her child hasn't appeared on "Teen Mom." In season one, Farrah's family frequently accused her of going out too much and not spending time with her daughter.

Where she left off: At the end of last season, Farrah mended an often shaky relationship with her mom, Debra Danielson. During an argument in a car on "16 and Pregnant," Danielson appeared to slap Farrah.

Future outlook: Season two will likely center on the January incident in which Danielson was arrested for allegedly hitting Farrah.

Maci Bookout

Background: She has a son (Bentley) with on-again, off-again boyfriend Ryan. Maci attempted to take online classes after giving birth, but eventually dropped the courses. She often gets mad at Ryan for not investing enough interest in his son.

Where she left off: Maci and Ryan were once engaged, but they broke up at the end of season one.

Future outlook: Preview clips show Maci with a new boyfriend. It looks like we're also in for a child support battle between Maci and Ryan.

Amber Portwood

Background: She has a daughter (Leah) with her sometimes-fiance Gary. The pair fought often during season one, and Amber slapped Gary at one point.

Where she left off: Amber got a job at a beauty salon during the first season. On the reunion show with Dr. Drew, we learned Amber and Gary are back together. Oh, another little piece of news: Amber said she might be pregnant again.

Future outlook: Viewers will find out if Amber's having a second child. Also, previews show Amber and Gary fighting again. But just when we think we're in for another separation, the preview clip features Amber trying on a wedding dress. Confused?

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