Jersey Shore Season 2: Prepare for MTV premiere with spoofs

MTV won't premiere the second season of "Jersey Shore" until Thursday, but you can prepare by watching the many video spoofs the show has generated.

Shortly after the reality series premiered, nearly everyone with a video camera and 10 spare minutes developed an affinity for shouting "fist pump."

The result? Countless "Jersey Shore" parodies. Here are my five favorites:

Kids reenact "Jersey Shore." It's so wrong, yet so right. This clip features young children imitating life at the "Jersey Shore" house, complete with the cast's signature orange tans. There's probably a child labor law violation involved, but a mini version of "The Situation" makes it all worthwhile. VIDEO

"Jersey Shore: The Movie." This spoof, featured on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," includes an appearance by Nick Lachey. Dare I say it's his best work to date? VIDEO

"The Situation Room." Watch an animated version of what happens when "The Situation" from "Jersey Shore" visits CNN's Situation Room. VIDEO

Cats reenact "Jersey Shore." Yes, you read that correctly. The video features two cats reenacting the infamous "Jersey Shore" scene in which Snooki got punched. VIDEO

"Jersey Shore" cast spoofs "Twilight." After attracting so many imitations, it's not surprising that the "Jersey Shore" crew impressed fans by appearing in a spoof of their own. They recently starred in a "Twilight" spoof on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." VIDEO

The second season of "Jersey Shore" premieres 10 p.m. Thursday on MTV. Ledger-Enquirer reporter Alan Riquelmy will post live updates during the show.

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