Get ready for Monday’s Teen Choice Awards 2010

Like, OMG you guys: It’s totally almost time for the Teen Choice Awards.

The special, known for its surfboard trophies, airs Monday on Fox and focuses on almost anything that’s squeal-worthy.

Miley Cyrus? You bet. Justin Bieber? Of course. The “Twilight” films? Duh.

Singer Katy Perry and the guys from the Fox TV series “Glee” will host this year’s show. Bieber, Perry and Jason Derulo are among the musical performers.

In the grand scheme of awards shows, the Teen Choice Awards occupy a murky ground.

The show’s name alone suggests it’s more suitable for a younger audience than, say, this year’s MTV Movie Awards, when censors went crazy trying to catch every unexpected “bleep.”

However, use of the word “teen” makes this show a little edgier than the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

The Teen Choice Awards’ lineup occupies the awkward middle ground between MTV’s no-holds-barred attitude and Nickelodeon’s wholesome nature.

To channel Britney Spears: This awards show is not a girl, but not yet a woman.

That’s why some young celebrities use it as a testing ground for transitioning from kid star to, um, mature entertainer.

They don’t make a full-fledged leap at the show — they still need those younger fans, after all — but they often do something just racy enough to get people talking.

Enter pop star Cyrus’ performance of “Party in the USA” from last year’s Teen Choice Awards. Cyrus danced beside a beam that may have been either a balance anchor or a stripper pole.

While analyzing the performance, many people opted for the latter option.

Among the post-show reactions: “Can you believe she danced with a stripper pole on a show for TEENS? That is SO inappropriate.”

Even if Cyrus’ contraption was a stripper pole, I doubt the show marked the average 16-year-old viewer’s first trip to the dark side.

That’s the biggest problem with the Teen Choice Awards: Much like teenage life itself, the show isn’t sure of its boundaries.

If only Monday’s lineup included an inspirational beacon, someone compelling enough to attract a fan base composed of wholesome kids, edgy teens and skeptical adults.

Wait, I just noticed Betty White is on the list of guest appearances.

Looks like everything will be totally OK after all.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at or 706-571-8516.

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