Top 10 fictional high schools: Do you agree with our picks?

The process was harder than opening a locker, but we finally compiled our top 10 favorite high schools from pop culture.

Three reporters contributed to the offerings, which span campuses from movies and TV.

Do you agree? Check out our selections and tell us what we missed.

Bayside High School, "Saved by the Bell"

This campus was a social utopia where even nerdy kids like Screech could somehow secure a spot in the popular crowd. I still have my "Saved by the Bell" board game. Who wants to meet for lunch at The Max? Sonya Sorich

Sunnydale High School, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Sunnydale High kept students on their toes. A substitute teacher could be a giant praying mantis, a peer could be an ancient demon, the mayor could turn into a ginormous snake. Thank goodness Buffy was there to keep most of the students safe. Katie Holland

Shermer High School, "The Breakfast Club"

Who can forget Anthony Michael Hall's hypnotic intro monologue to the film that encapsulated the high school experience? "Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062." What we want to know is, what does Mr. Vernon really care about? He sees us as he wants to see us. Show him he's wrong by doing a fist jab into the air while skulking across an empty football field. Alan Riquelmy

William McKinley High School, "Glee"

I'd even endure cheerleading practice with Sue Sylvester to spend one day at this gleeful campus. My song of choice? "More Than a Feeling" by Boston. Go ahead, judge me. Sonya Sorich

Liberty High School, "My So-Called Life"

Angela, Rayanne and Ricky are always hanging out in the girls bathroom and hottie Jordan Catalano walks the halls of Liberty High. Katie Holland

West Beverly Hills High School, "Beverly Hills, 90210"

I still fantasize about indulging in a slice of pie with the "90210" crew at the Peach Pit. I wouldn't mind attending classes with them, either. After all, at 28, I can probably play a high school student just as well as Gabrielle Carteris. Sonya Sorich

Lawndale High School, "Daria"

It may be animated, but Lawndale High humorously features all the realities of high school, from the head cheerleader/quarterback relationship to crazy teachers and the coolest duo of outcast best friends. Katie Holland

McKinley High School, "Freaks and Geeks"

One of the funniest and most underrated shows ever on television, McKinley High was the central hangout for Lindsay Weir's group of freaks and Sam Weir's geeks. Plus, it helped launch careers for Seth Rogan, Martin Star, James Franco and producer Judd Apatow. Katie Holland

East High, "High School Musical"

Go, Wildcats! Right? Full disclosure: I'd love to hang out with Troy and Gabriella and do the "We're All In This Together" dance. Sonya Sorich

Ridgeway High School, "iCarly"

The teachers are quirky, the students seem to have ridiculous amounts of freedom in the hallway and detention can often double as the backdrop for Carly and Sam's webshow. Katie Holland

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