The Gourds bring eclectic sounds to The Loft

Watch out, History Channel. The musicians from The Gourds say they’re bringing an on-stage pawn shop to The Loft tonight.

They boast treasures a little more exciting than dusty stamps and photographs.

“We play a lot of instruments,” drummer Keith Langford said in a recent phone interview.

By “a lot,” he means approximately 15 — a collection that spans acoustic and electric varieties and includes instruments like the mandolin, fiddle and more.

The Texas act comes to The Loft tonight for a show that also features local act Whisky Bent.

The five guys in The Gourds’ current incarnation have been together about 14 years — an achievement in itself, given the often shaky entertainment world.

“It’s miraculous,” Langford said of the band’s consistent lineup.

They’ve released about 10 albums, including 2009’s “Haymaker!” — their most recent CD.

The band’s sound isn’t conducive to reporters looking for a single descriptive adjective.

“We’re kind of all over the place,” Langford said.

Band members find influence in everything from country to Americana to ’70s rock, he added.

Promotional materials for the band use phrases like “cosmic country rockers” and “boogie twang.”

The Gourds will perform mainly original tunes at The Loft, with one or two cover songs.

In fact, the musicians found prominence with their bluegrass cover of “Gin and Juice” — a version that’s often falsely credited to Phish.

“We don’t mind at all,” Langford said of the mistake. “It does us the same amount of good, regardless.”

The Gourds have a growing national fan base, including an especially strong contingent of fans in Missoula, Mont. (Langford has no idea why.)

Langford urges Columbus fans to “experience the craziness” tonight — on-stage pawn shop and all.

Sonya Sorich, reporter, can be reached at or 706-571-8516.

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