Syko Rah ready for his big break

In late September, I ran into a young man I know named Jason Mojica. Today, he’s known as a rapper called Syko Rah. He was standing outside Roonie G’s club on Broadway, and Jason said he had some good news that he wanted to share.

It took another couple of weeks before we got together to talk.

When we did, I asked him how long I’ve known him. He said he was 14 years old when I first met him. Jason was getting ready to perform in a local talent show. He’s now 25.

Jason brought General Kenzie, the CEO of Street Clout Records of Atlanta, who just signed him to his label. General — his real name — is also the publisher of Street Report Monthly. The label is 10 years old and the magazine is four years old.

Persistence is what made General sign Jason. I hope he doesn’t mind me calling him Jason. I just can’t bring myself to call him Syko. A few years ago, our receptionist called me and said, “A psycho is here to see you.” Alarmed more for her than myself, I quickly went to the front desk. It was just Jason.

Anyway, General said Jason was “dedicated and passionate about his music,” and could see how much he loved music.

“He delivers his experiences in his music. If he’s promoted and marketed right, he ought to go beyond P. Diddy,” General told me. And he is serious.

General said smaller cities like Columbus are just filled with talented young people who have to leave for opportunities in cities like Atlanta.

Jason, who is from south Columbus, says young people who live in his end of town are hungry for opportunities like he’s getting.

Knowing Jason, once he makes it, he’ll still be in Columbus, and he’ll be helping other young musicians.

Street Clout is releasing a compilation CD on Wednesday online. Syko Rah will have a cut on the CD.

Jason will start touring after the release.

Maybe he’ll be doing a local show soon. In the meantime, you can hear his music online.

CSU student art show opens

A studio open house and sale will be 6-9 p.m. Friday at the Corn Center for the Visual Arts on the Columbus State University RiverPark campus downtown.

CSU art students and alumni will display work including ceramics, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture. There will be a wide range of prices, so you can probably find some really neat gifts for the holidays.

Proceeds go to the students to help buy books and expenses. Creating art is expensive, you know.

“The students really enjoyed it last year,” said Michele McCrillis, associate professor of art history. “It was an opportunity for them to meet and talk to people about their work.”

The CSU Jazz Band will perform.

The Corn Center is at Front Avenue and Dillingham Street.

Call 706-507-8301.

Sandra Okamoto, or 706-571-8580.

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