Use Peeps to make Easter crafts

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Peeps -- the colorful marshmallow candies that are a perennial Easter favorite -- are sweet for another reason besides their sugar coating. This season, we're loving the little treats as decorative pieces. Here are some ideas.


Glass vase (rectangular, 5- to 6-inches high)

Three to four boxes of Bunny Peeps

Two to three bunches of faux sunflowers

Wire cutters

1. Place a row of Peeps around the bottom of the vase.

2. Stack another row of Peeps on top.

3. Cut the stems of the sunflowers to fit the vase. Remove most of the green leaves, but keep a few for color.


3 to 4 egg cartons

20 thin bamboo skewers

2 to 3 boxes of Bunny Peeps

12 coffee filters

10 book pages

Easter candy (such as chocolate malted balls, jelly beans, etc.)

1. Stack the egg cartons.

2. Insert thin bamboo skewers into 12 Peeps and stick into egg cartons.

3. Fold coffee filters in half, crumple lightly (to create small paper flowers) and insert a thin skewer down the center of each filter. Stick skewers into egg carton.

4. Fold book pages in half (to create paper blossoms), crumple lightly and insert a thin skewer into the center of the book page. Stick the skewers into the egg cartons.

5. Shred book pages to make a grassy-like filler.

6. Place Peeps and your favorite Easter candy on the shredded grass.

Designed by Jenny Baca, creative art director at Jipsi, a vintage-inspired home store in St. Louis.


Springtime wreath

1 to 2 boxes of Chick Peeps

1 large chocolate bunny

1. Set a wreath on top of a plastic placemat. Place wreath in the center of your table.

2. Stand a chocolate bunny in the center of the wreath.

3. Place Chick Peeps around the bunny.