More than 80 Columbus Artists’ Guild members expected to showcase work

For almost 60 years, area artists in the Columbus Artists’ Guild (CAG) have gathered their best work of the year to show in the annual members exhibit.

This year is no different, with 86 members already deciding to showcase their work in the Illges Gallery of the Columbus State University Corn Center for the Visual Arts, on the corner of Front Avenue and Dillingham Street Bridge.

Chairing this year’s exhibit are Amy Patterson and Juanita Barrow. Both are retired Harris County School District art teachers who have recently joined the CAG and have started painting once again.

The show opens June 10 and Patterson and Barrow hope it will include pieces from 100 of the Guild’s members.

“It all comes together at the last minute,” former chair Joyce Turner promised.

Kay Bragg, of Atlanta’s Lagerquist Gallery, will judge the work selected for the show on June 9. Awards will be presented at the June 10 opening reception. More than $3,000 will be awarded.

Some of the 2011 exhibit winners will be shown in the Rankin Arts Center gallery, 1004 Broadway, along with some of this year’s winners’ work.

Most of the art will be available for sale.

Several artists who will be showcasing their work are featured here.

Lugenia Dixon

Age: 63

What is your medium? Acrylics, but I’ve also used several different media.

How long have you been painting? I’ve been dabbling at it for at least 15 years. I retired a year and a half ago (as a psychology professor) and I’ve put more time into it now.

What inspires you to paint? Nature and life. I do mainly landscapes and flowers.

Ron Murray

Age: 68

What is your medium? Oils.

How long have you been painting? I’m an architect by profession, but I’ve been painting since I was a little boy. The last 25 years, I’ve been painting more seriously.

What inspires you to paint? I have this 19th century landscape painting and I admire some contemporary artists as well. And I see things in the world that are an inspiration.

Alan Gordy

Age: 41

What is your medium? Clay.

How long have you been doing pottery? About two years now.

What inspires you? Just things I’ve seen in the past. There are a lot of things in nature because I live out in the country (Waverly Hall).

Rebecca Kissel

Age: 68

What is your medium? Pastels, oils, watercolors and acrylics.

How long have you been painting? When I was a kid, I just painted. I started my professional career in 1981. I’ve been painting ever since.

What inspires you to paint? My book collection and going to museums. The Columbus Artists’ Guild is a good place because of the members.

Susan Dolan

Age: 59

What is your medium? Oils.

How long have you been painting? Since high school.

What inspires you to paint? Probably my travels. When I paint, I like to bring back memories for myself. Recently, I was in France and I painted “The Umbrellas of Hon Fleur.” It was raining and my husband suggested it.

Alejandro Santiago

Age: 41

What is your medium? Watercolors

How long have you been painting? I started painting in 2006.

What inspires you to paint? I needed to make friends (after separating from the U.S. Army) and I just joined the CAG last month. When I was deployed to Afghanistan, I took my watercolors and a tablet. I took some pictures when we were in Kabul and those pictures made a big impact on me. It was kind of therapeutic to get “away” from where you were. I carried a camera with me all the time. And I took my watercolors, a tablet of paper and a few brushes. That was it.

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