Country star Maggie Rose leads lineup of 2014 CutBait

It’s been a busy week, summer and year for country star Maggie Rose.

“I only foresee things getting much busier,” Rose recently told the Ledger-Enquirer by phone from Nashville, Tenn., where she was the middle of the CMA Music Festival.

Rose is coming off the most successful year of her career, following the release of 2013’s acclaimed debut “Cut to Impress.”

Next weekend, she’ll perform downtown alongside more than a dozen other acts at the second annual CutBait Music.

“Actually the day that I’m in CutBait is when I find out if i win an Emmy or not,” Rose said.

She won’t actually know if she’s won until after performing that Saturday night.

Instead, Rose said she’ll channel her nerves — and high energy — into the audience.

(There will be “some edgy badassery tucked away in there, too,” she said.)

CutBait includes 15 acts on four stages over two days. None of the acts are repeats from last year.

The schedule is also smaller than last year — but organizers said last year was a bit too spread out.

Rose said CutBait was the gig she booked first. The other events on her schedule that week were booked to accommodate Columbus.

The concerts coincide with the kick-off to this year’s Miss Georgia festivities.

Bands like Black Taxi, New Madrid and Sun-Dried Vibes will take over The Loft and Iron Bank downtown, while Rose and five others will play the Broadway stage.

Saturday night closes a group Rose is excited to see: the bluesy Vintage Trouble, coming straight down from Bonnaroo.

Rose said her setlist will a blend of empowering and storytelling songs; high-energy stuff.

Will she perform her latest hit, “Looking Back Now”?

“Absolutely,” she said.


CutBait Music

Friday and Saturday, June 13-14, on the Broadway stage at the The Loft and Iron Bank

Starts at 7 p.m. Friday and 6 p.m. Saturday

Tickets are $10 each day, or $15 for the weekendGo to for a complete schedule