Michael Allman bringing dad's classic sound, and more, to Columbus

The first thing you may notice about the Michael Allman Band is the name.

Yes — Allman is the son of Gregg, founding member of The Allman Brothers.

And yes, the Michael Allman Band plays a lot of Allman Brothers music.

“I can’t help but play it,” Allman (the younger) said, adding that, “If (my dad) owned the best plumbing company around, I imagine I would be using his tools to fix toilets.”

But that’s changing, too.

Following the release of a 2010 solo album, “Hard Labor Creek,” Allman has spent the last two years putting together a band. He’d discovered a good guitar player in St. Petersberg, Fla., and never left.

The six-piece is embarking on what Allman calls “the hurricane out of Florida,” with stops at Lake Lanier, Daytona, Fla., and Columbus.

The band is working on an album, though progress is still in the early stages.

Expect some new material — “We call it Americana blues,” Allman said — as well as all the Allman Brothers classics.

The audience “can expect what I try to call ‘the next best thing,’” Allman said. “... People kind of expect it and I love giving it to them.”


Where: The Loft

When: Friday at 9 p.m.

Tickets: $10. 706-596-8141