The Loft welcomes 'dirty blues folk' musician

Owen Campbell is a bluesy musician from Australia. He has been called an "Aussie bluesman." You can call him that, too, if you want — though you probably shouldn't.

"It's dirty blues folk on the rocks," Campbell said of his sound. "I like all encompassing rock 'n' roll, stuff like The Band, that incorporate folk and country and blues and soul ... Not just straight up blues. I find straight up blues — it's been done, you know?"

Campbell's Australian heritage is also interesting: though it's where he has frequently performed over the years, and where he has recorded and released music, Campbell is considering a move to the U.S.

He's been touring all over the country this summer. Starting in Los Angeles, Campbell flew to Nashville to launch his album "The Pilgrim," then flew back to Los Angeles and then drove to Arizona — and then New Mexico, Texas, Indiana and Illinois, where he and his girlfriend camped in the Shawnee National Forest.

Campbell said he came over on a one-way ticket. "I will go back to Australia when I can afford to," he said.

"More important, what blows me away about this place is the landscape. Driving through Arizona was one of the most mind-blowingly incredible experiences I've ever had."

In Austin, actually, Campbell said he broke down ("and what a great town to break down in," he said).

Even with the guts of another album in mind, the name of the game remains touring. Campbell plans to relocate to America next year.

Though he was unimpressed with Atlanta — too many cars — Campbell said he's excited to be back in Georgia, the birth place of musical legend Ray Charles.

He said his performances are raw and acoustic and stripped down: a stomp box, slide guitar and some songs.

"It's just a raw and honest and good-fun sort of show," he said.


Where: The Loft, 1032 Broadway

When: Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Also performing: Brooks Ritter

Tickets: Free

Contact: or 706-596-8141