Food & Drink

School lunch menues


Monday: Cheeseburger; potato wedges; peaches; brownie; milk.

Tuesday: Spaghetti; tossed salad; garlic bread; mixed fruit; milk.

Wednesday: Veterans Day holiday.

Thursday: Chicken sandwich; broccoli, cheese & rice casserole; pineapple; milk.

Friday: Taco salad; refried beans; orange wedges; milk.


Monday: Cheeseburger or grilled chicken sandwich; lettuce/tomato; sweet potato fries; baked beans; pineapple; milk.

Tuesday: Chicken fajitas; Mexican rice; Mexicali corn; broccoli & cheese sauce; applesauce; milk.

Wednesday: Veterans Day holiday.

Thursday: Country fried steak or chicken tenders; brown rice pilaf; green beans; corn bread; banana; milk.

Friday: Pepperoni pizza or grilled chicken salad, crackers; corn on the cob; tangerine; oatmeal raisin cookie; milk.


Monday: Chicken fajita stir fry or tuna salad; steamed rice; egg roll; fruity gelatin; milk.

Tuesday: Steak/gravy or soup/salad; mashed potatoes; peas & carrots; rolls; fruit; milk.

Wednesday: Veterans Day holiday.

Thursday: Fried chicken or deli bar; rice; black-eyed peas; corn bread; fruit; milk.

Friday: Chili dog or turkey salad; cole slaw; french fries; fruit; milk.


Monday: Barbecue sandwich; yogurt; fruit; raisins; milk.

Tuesday: Fish sticks; baked potato; cole slaw; hush puppies; orange half; milk.

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan/pasta; California medley; rolls; fresh fruit; milk.

Thursday: Roast; creamed potatoes; mixed vegetables; rolls; peach cup; milk.

Friday: Chicken chunks; potato tots; Texas toast; fresh fruit; rice krispie treat; milk.


Monday: Corn dog; potato wedges; mixed vegetables; fresh fruit; milk.

Tuesday: Sub sandwich; hash brown potatoes; green beans; apple crisp; milk.

Wednesday: Veterans Day holiday.

Thursday: Baked potatoes/chili/cheese; tossed salad; crackers; fresh fruit; milk.

Friday: Oven baked chicken; rice; corn on the cob; roll; fruit; milk.


Monday: Ham & cheese sandwich; lettuce/tomato; potato tots; applesauce; graham crackers; milk.

Tuesday: Salisbury steak or chicken nuggets; green beans; creamed potatoes; fruit juice; fresh fruit; roll; milk.

Wednesday: Veterans Day holiday.

Thursday: Corn dog or beef burrito; baked beans; carrot sticks; Doritos; pineapple; milk.

Friday: Hot dog; cole slaw; potato tots; banana; frozen fruit bar; milk.