Natalia Temesgen

Friday the 13th is about more than scary events

Happy Friday the 13th! Do you believe in the unlucky-ness surrounding today?

I am a fan of Halloween and horror films, so I surely enjoy the sneaking sense of doom that creeps up on Friday the 13th. Not to mention, I ended up experiencing some extremely bad (and then quite good) luck a few years ago on a Friday the 13th when my husband and I attempted to board an international flight with a passport-less baby. It was a hot mess of a day that managed to end well. I wrote a column about it back when it happened, so feel free to search for it online if you’d like the full story.

Columbus is having a rather fortunate Friday the 13th insofar as Georgia’s growing film industry is concerned. Today is the beginning of the Way Down Film Festival at the Springer Opera House. Two days of short films from all over the country and the world will be screened and voted upon by our local audience. Events surrounding the screenings will connect filmmakers and producers, amateurs and professionals as they network and find inroads to potential collaboration.

I was lucky enough to attend as a VIP last year and the excitement was palpable as Paul Pierce, artistic director of the Springer Opera House, toasted the organizers and artists that made the event possible. He prophesied that Columbus would be a prominent city for filmmaking going forward, and the return of many of last year’s professional filmmakers to this year’s festival is evidence of that. Our Southern hospitality and rich, innovative culture speaks volumes to Hollywood types.

If you’d like to find yourself in a lucky spot today, be sure to grab a seat in the historic Springer Opera House and screen some new, cutting-edge films at the Way Down Film Festival. Friday the 13th doesn’t come around often, and neither does the chance to be a part of the global film scene right in your own backyard.

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