FAITH ALIVE: Rev. Branddon Mays, pastor, Greater Miracle Christian Church

What’s your home church?

Corinth Baptist Church, which has helped me understand my walk with the Lord. My grandfather, Raymond Mays Sr., has been my pastor all my life. I was baptized there when I was 12.

How old are you now? 27

How did you know you wanted to start this church?The Lord called me. He gave me the assignment to go out and preach. It was something He put on me. It was nothing I’d felt before.

Did this come to you in prayer? I had dreams where I was preaching but I didn’t think I’d be doing it. I’ve preached all over: out of state and in Georgia. I thank God for the opportunities, and the doors He has opened for me.

What did your grandfather think about your call? One thing he told me: “Make sure it’s the Lord because the walk will not be easy.” Also, some people you thought were with you at first were nowhere to be found. There were people who doubted I was called.

Why do you think they doubted? Sometimes people are not happy when God elevates you. If they are having a pity party, they want you to be in the pit with them.

Is this church sponsored by Corinth? No, I am stepping out on my own.

Who’s in your family? My mother passed the day before Thanksgiving in 2005. I am an only child. I have an aunt, Evelyn Abron, who took off where she left off. I miss my mom, but I can say that a beat has not been lost. My mother’s name was Yvonne Mays. She and my aunt were close. My mom was the baby. I preached my mom’s eulogy.

What’s a guilty pleasure?

Texting on my cell phone. If I didn’t have my phone, I couldn’t survive.

What kind is it? A Samsung Eternity, with the touch screen.

How have you seen Columbus change through the years? I’ve seen Columbus grow, and it’s still growing. I’ve seen a lot of people who want to come to church but not everybody will freely come. You need to bring people in. You need to invite them.

What is your other job?

I drive people to doctor’s appointments and dialysis. I work for MCA Columbus Transportation.