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Uber begins serving Columbus, here are things you need to know

Uber will not be operating in Phenix City or Fort Benning but company officials say they are working to gain access.
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Uber will not be operating in Phenix City or Fort Benning but company officials say they are working to gain access.

As Uber starts service in the Columbus market, there are many questions from people about the popular ride-sharing service.

Here are some of those questions and answers:

Q: What will the cost be?

A: A fare calculator is available. Before a rider requests a trip, he or she is able to enter a destination in the app and see exactly what it will cost. An example of fares in Columbus from the ride calculator:

From Lowe’s on Veterans Parkway in north Columbus to the RiverCenter downtown, $8-$11.

From Bull Creek Golf Course in Midland to RiverCenter downtown, $13-$18.

Q: How does the payment work?

A: Your Uber app processes payment for any trip you take. Before requesting a ride, use your app to add a payment method to your account. When a trip ends, your preferred payment method will be charged.

Q: Can you put your PayPal account on file rather than a credit card?

A: Yes, a PayPal account can be used.

Q: Can you explain how surge pricing works?

A: When many riders in an area of the city are requesting rides at the same time, surge pricing automatically helps ensure you can receive the quick and convenient pickup you rely on. When you use your app to first select a pickup location and destination, your app screen will let you know if surge pricing is in effect.

Q: How many drivers will be working in Columbus?

A: Uber is not disclosing that information.

Q: Will drivers drop off and pick up at Fort Benning?

A: At this time, Uber will not operate on Fort Benning.

Q: Will Uber provide service to Harris County, Lake Harding area on the Georgia backwaters?

A: Yes. That is in the coverage area.

Q: Will those drivers drop off and pick up in Alabama, specifically Phenix City and Smiths Station?

A: Georgia-based partners can drop off riders in the cities in which Uber operates in Alabama. Alabama does not have statewide ride-sharing legislation, as Georgia does. Auburn recently passed a framework for ridesharing, and Uber launched there last month. Uber does not operate in Phenix City.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of vehicles the drivers will use?

A: Yes, in accordance with the Georgia law passed last year, vehicles must be less than 10 years old and have four doors.

Q: How does Uber monitor the cleanliness of the vehicles?

A: After every trip, riders are asked to rate drivers on a scale of one to five stars and provide feedback. If customers report an issue, our team can investigate and take action if need.

Q: Will background checks be conducted on the drivers?

A: All drivers must undergo a screening process before they partner with Uber, which includes a driving and criminal history check. It’s part of our safety approach and we follow the eligibility criteria set by Georgia law.

Source: Uber

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